January 27, 2014

Continuing Tradition: Afternoon Tea


Traveling to London this summer is an experience that I think about all the time. My friend Katie and I will shoot each other little texts throughout the week where the conversation is made up entirely of phrases like, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! I MISS IT SO MUCH!!" (And, yes. It is in all caps. We are that excited). 









As we reminisce on all of the great memories we made and the amazing keepsakes that we took home with us, not a moment passes by where I don't think about our afternoons immersed in conversation at high tea. I'm pretty positive that we tried just about every single tea spot there is– The Orangery at Kensington Palace, Bea's Vintage Tea Shop in Bath, Bill's. It's something that has become so engrained in our beings, and it's that very reason that we can't let go of it. For a month to go by without tea seems a little like betrayal; as if we're trying to shed the parts of that trip that shaped our experience the most. And so, we tea! It's nothing fancy. Just seven silly girls in love with the idea of keeping that pivotal event in our life alive. I love this time. I love these girls. I love our teas.


Shawnee said...

how fun! i've always wanted to have a tea party. everything is so pretty! thanks for the inspiration :) x

Steph Sterjovski said...

Okay, y'all are so cute! xoxo

Ice Pandora said...

This is really sweet and so personal!
The triangle sandwiches looks amazing!
c: Xx

Kelsey said...

Love love love! I need a macaroon in my life. I want to have tea with you!

Elyana Ramirez said...

I love that our Tea Time tradition is so much more deep than just playing dress up. It brings a group of young (ahem), intelligent, and determined women together from all backgrounds to discover and share our passions in the world. Traveling abroad to London has forever given the seven of us a bond based on friendship, trust and opening our eyes to the world. I love you all like sisters! Till next time