November 20, 2013

on the right track


Old J.Crew top | zara cardigan | madewell skinnies | etsy necklace | old target shoes
warby parkers | photos: Alex Nahas 

So much has happened this past semester. Most things were good. Others were hard. But what I've deducted from it all is that there's a big change happening in my life. And usually, I'm one to take this sort of thing with great strides of grace. I mean, as the great George Bernard Shaw once said, "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." He's right. And we all know it, which is why we continue to post inspirational quotes like this up on our walls and Pinterest boards. We want to believe it. We need to believe it. But it's actually choosing to believe it that takes effort.

I've chosen to believe. I've hurdled past my frustrating nights worrying about the outcome. I've leaped over inevitable feelings of complacency, and here I am. I'm waiting for the big change to come, a little anxious for whatever it is, but excited all the same. See, the thing is, I know God has some pretty awesome things in store for my life. Not because I'm awesome and expect good things to happen to me all the time. That's definitely not the case. However, I do know that with the big G-O-D by my side, whatever this life throws at me, I'll be able to handle it. More than that, whatever I could possibly dream up for myself, no matter how big or how bizarre, it fails in comparison to anything that He has in the works. And that's where I find comfort. Whenever I become consumed by thoughts like, "I'm 21 and running out of time to make my dreams a reality" or "So-and-so is already doing this and what do I have to show?" I have to remember two things:

1. There is enough happiness and success for everyone, so there is no need to go comparing yourself to them, that and the other. There will always be someone who has more, is less, does more than you. Focus on your journey, because it's full of sweetness.

2. God is working on that journey all the time. Even when you're resting, and even when it doesn't cross your mind. And that's a beautiful thing.

With hopes that you'll be excited for your journey and embrace the change in your life,


  1. What a beautiful and empowering post really c:
    I agree with #1! Xx

  2. Brilliant post. I know exactly how you feel... I'm having a very very similar struggle. That first point on your list is a great reminder for me to take a step back and relax. :)

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous and this post is just beautiful, It just made me smile to read it!

    Five Minute Style 

  4. Girl I have missed you! I hope you are able to keep this positive spirit! I am so glad to read these words as I have been struggling so much this week.

  5. Beautiful girl and beautifully written!

    In good faith,

  6. So beautiful and a perfect reminder this morning.

  7. Love your outfit! The post is icing on the cake, so motivating. Beautiful :)

    xo, Ashleigh @ Fashion in Flight

  8. How cute are you?! Love these photos, the lighting is just stunning, and your outfit is casual but super super stylish!

  9. You are on the right track! Progress and work is hard but rewarding will pay off. I love your positive attitude, and I can tell you are a beautiful and strong woman inside and out. xx

  10. thank you for this beautiful post & reminder. i wrote something similar on my recent posts about our life plan looking totally different from gods plans for us.. & as it turns out.. his is always the better of the two!

  11. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  12. okay. I love this outfit, love those glasses, love yo blog. Happy I found it!


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