January 21, 2012

we went to the carnival + we felt alive

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{blouse & belt: express // pants & earrings: f21 // shoes: sperry topsider - similar style (here) // watch: fossil // sunglasses: ray ban} // photos by: Ashley Circo

"This is you, Lord
I feel you.
I may find familiarity in the shade,
But your beauty still lingers through.
You come again,
Faithful and finite.
And I breathe you in.
I take you in.
I feel alive."

{sunshine} Yesterday, the weather was beyond beautiful. It was one of those days where with every breath you took, you felt a little bit stronger and saw the world with eyes that were a little more clear. I love these days. I especially love them because they present me with the opportunity to see God in places where I've never searched for him before. As I took a moment to quiet down and appreciate this amazing day, I felt nothing but beauty -- overpowering and enticing beauty. It was simply beautiful.

Taking full advantage of the nearly 80 degree weather (geez!), my girlfriends and I decided to go to the carnival that was headlining in town. Despite the outrageous prices and the eclectic variety of attenders, we managed to have a truly great time. It's moments like these,  the ones that make you feel alive, that push you to realize that not everything has a purpose. Some things are just meant to be fun, and that's just fine. We could all use more of those days, you know? They allow us to never have to apologize for enjoying life. Because that's allowed and its just beautiful.


Mathilde said...

I want your pants <3

Veronica P. said...

these photos are great and love your mint pants!

pancakeSTACKER said...

Aww I love the teal pants and the cute Sperry's! That second pic of you smiling is too cute!


pia said...

great photos, the color of those jeans looks great !


Ash Louise said...

Gaaaahhh girl, adorable doesn't even BEGIN to express it. YOur soooo dang adorable! I love those mint jeans, and I love the pink pants in the post below to. You've got it goin' on with the color ;)
I'm following you now!

Antonella C'est moi said...

great pics!!have a nice day baby
a_C'est moi

GlamorousGirl said...



Clara Turbay said...

pure inspiration!


Michelle's Style File said...

Thanks so much for your comment!! LOVING your gorgeous smile and great style. Following your too : )


Jeneration said...

you have a lovely smile, and i love the color of your pants

jas said...

lovely pictures and great sperrys!


Grace said...

Great colors.

Love Grace.

Berni said...

I love this outfit & I just nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog- check it out ;)



Clara Turbay said...

Great and simple inspiration! http://paquetevistasbien.blogspot.com

Dora said...

The color of the jeans is so pretty and fresh! Xo

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

awesome casual look! pants and shoes look amazing together :)


Fashion Fractions

The Marcy Stop said...

i love your outfit against this carnival backdrop. such a great burst of light and color!


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

The color of your pants is amazing x

Shellena said...

I love your style - following you. Hope you follow back.

Afrikan Princess said...

I love the print pants and your loafers !
Those colours together is sheer genius


Liz said...

you are too cute! love your style! SO glad I found your blog!!!

Vanessa Win said...

such a great smile!
and nice color of your throusers.

maybe u can look at my (new) blog an give me some feedback??



Karolina B-H said...

refreshing colors, and FUN pictures!!

Magdalena said...

Those pants goes so well with the shoes! Love it :) Nice blog you have here

Marshall said...

a) I looove those pants b) I loooove that outfit c) I looove your blog - just found it! and d) happy to be following you! (:

Blossom Lounge said...

Love this look head to toe. Might I say, not only are you beautiful on the outside but very gorgeous on the inside. So nice to see your faith & love for God. Very inspirational. XO

- Stephanie (from Blossom Everyday/Blossom Lounge)

The Fashionable ESQ said...

Hi! (again) LOL Do you use a photoshop action / filter on your pictures?
Would you mind e-mailing me to let me know - I love the look of the pictures on your site. You're a doll!

The Fashionable ESQ